BAM’S Perspective

There are many perceptions on what is consider living healthy in 2018. You have people that think living healthy is cutting out meat, staying away from pork, drinking meal replacement drinks, drinking certain water, not eating after a certain hour and I can name many more.
The reality of the matter is there are many ways to attempt a healthy life but, simplicity works best. When we are talking about living healthy we are talking about taking a knowledgeable approach to preserving our body and quality of life.
The reason most individuals fall short of living a healthy life is because of the information that they choose to validate their goals with versus the time they are willing to spend on those goals.
Over time I have come to understand a few things about healthy living:
You don’t have be a vegan/vegetarian to be considered healthy.
You don’t have to stop eating pork.
Spring Water, Distilled Water and Drinking Water are all different and should be used accordingly.
You don’t have to strip your body of carbs to lose weight.
Your body doesn’t care about the time of day.
You didn’t get out of shape over night so you can’t expect to get in shape over night.
You must eat to lose weight.
You must eat the accurate amount of macros (protein, carbs, fats) to be great.
Over time I will be posting content that explain the different pieces of living healthy in a enjoyable way. I am going to enjoy sharing these healthy thoughts with you. Welcome to my point of view.


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