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Ultra-Processed Foods

We all know that we should avoid process foods but, we must understand how food are processed. Take a moment to read this incredible article written by Healthline. They are very informative with health info of all topics. Also follow the BAMSTRONG brand on Instagram @iambamstrong. Article:

“I want to lose my belly fat! How on earth do I make this happen?”

  “I want to lose my belly fat! How on earth do I make this happen?”   You have tried every “diet regimen”, “10-minute ab workout”, “detox tea”, “fruit water diet” and “apple cider vinegar routine” known to man, trying to get this belly fat off your midsection. Nothing has seen to provide you with …

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B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S on the MOVE

Charleston, SC please join MUSC and myself on Saturday, June 22nd for the Minority Men Health initiative. I will be instructing a calisthenics training class and discussing health among minority men. Come join the experience.

Meal Plan Guide

This is the final week to purchase your meal plan guide and receive a free consultation and weight training session with it. What a way to start or continue a healthy lifestyle. Take advantage of this opportunity NOW!! Stay BAMstrong! #BAMstrong #ByAnyMeans #SearchThyself #ReachOutward #NurtureGrowth #LiftWeights #WeightTraining

BAM’S Perspective

There are many perceptions on what is consider living healthy in 2018. You have people that think living healthy is cutting out meat, staying away from pork, drinking meal replacement drinks, drinking certain water, not eating after a certain hour and I can name many more. The reality of the matter is there are many …

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