“How can I lose weight? Nothing I have tried works.”

“How can I lose weight? Nothing I have tried works.”

If your goal is to lose weight you are in great company with roughly 45 million other individuals in the United States. The current trend among American citizens is some form of physical activity and eating fewer calories to achieve that target weight goal. While only 5% of these studied individuals actually maintain the long-term weight loss, the awareness of “getting fit” has increased tremendously. These attempts to improve individual health statuses are strides that Center of Disease Control and National Center for Health Statistics favor in regards to eliminating the national obesity rate. 

Losing weight is all about patience and consistency. One must consistently be in a calorie deficit and understand that it is going to take patience with the process to remove these unwanted pounds. A caloric deficit is when you consume food and beverages, containing calories, at a rate that is lower than the level of energy exerted, physically, within a 24-hour time frame. Being in a consistent deficit will guarantee weight loss for any individual. However, the adequate number of calories and the quality of those calories will determine the type of weight loss you experience. 

See, you want the weight that you will lose to be of FAT and not of MUSCLE. So, you must understand that your protein intake is important while cutting out calories. Simply cutting general calories won’t be sustainable long-term and will most likely result in being stuck at a specific weight or gaining more weight than you lost. 

For beneficial results, start by consuming your target body weight in grams of protein, a “cuffed hand” size of carbohydrates and the minimum amount of fats on a daily basis to create the calorie deficit for your weight loss. 

This method isn’t 100% accurate but is one of the best forms of educated guessing for creating a deficit. To ensure that you are on the correct path to lose weight, increase your non-exercise activities. These are the hours of the day that your goals depend upon the most, as opposed to the 1-3 hour(s) of fitness activity that you partake in. 

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